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BREATH: The new science of the lost art

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Practical 3 hours of breath-on workshop. Get a profound understanding of breath work from a physician explaining anatomy, physiology and biochemistry and meditation techniques form a certified Kundalini therapist. Learn how to use your breath like an astounding tool to start controlling all systems.Some of the essential techniques that you will learn and practice include: -Pranayam energizer series (equals to 3 cups of espresso) -Canon Breath for Parasympathetic nervous system -Whistle Breath to stimulate the Vagus nerve -Preparatory exercises for lungs, magnetic field and deep meditation -Breath awareness exercise (if you can master your breath, you can master your life) -Aerobic capacity and efficiency to reverse aging -8-stroke Breath for energy and stress release -Left nostril breathing for insomnia and impulsive eating -Alternate nostril breathing for Perspective and Emotional Balance -Sitali Pranayam (when nothing else works) You will also gain a better understanding of why these techniques work and why they are so revered. At the end of this class you will Understand the mind and body connection and how to achieve it. Learn fundamental breathing techniques useful to help relieve stress, boost the body's ability to heal, and create clarity of mind. Choose the right breathing technique to support your needs. Relate how the breath impacts the health of the body, mind and overall quality of life. Change your state of mind.

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