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Opulent Hair Elixir

Opulent Hair Elixir

Take care of your hair. It is like antennas connecting you to cosmic energies. The follicles of your hair can go dormant due to a myriad of reasons depending on the growing stages and environmental factors. Natalya patented her favorite formula for luscious, silky and opulent hair and shares it with you along with other tips for deep hair care and crowning glory. Grab your microblading roller and learn how to move your lymphatic system for that gorgeous hair.


How to use: Apply a generous amount to roots. Wait 15-30 min, shampoo and rinse. Repeat once a week as a treatment, once a month as a maintenance for opulent hair. Use it along or with a microblading roller.


The formula is based on natural Ayurvedic ingredients. Patent pending.

Vegan. No fillers. No preservatives. USA made.


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    Opulent Hair Elixir
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